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How to Make Money Online With a Proxy Network

A proxy network is a collection of proxy websites that people can use to access websites that are blocked by security filters. They also allow users to search the Internet anonymously. A proxy network can be set up to earn passive income and does not require much effort to maintain. You can make money online with a proxy network by setting up websites and monetizing them with advertising and by selling content.


Set up your proxy websites.


Develop each proxy website individually. To start, choose a domain name. You may decide to include some reference to your website being a proxy website in the domain name or not.

Choose a web host for your proxy website. For proxy websites, it is key that the amount of bandwidth is large enough to manage the amount of traffic your website will receive. For a proxy network you should choose a web host that allows proxy websites and offers a minimum bandwidth of 100 GB.

Choose from available proxy scripts and templates. A proxy script allows the user to search the Internet anonymously. The templates are the visual component of the proxy website that can help your website appeal to potential users.

Add appropriate keywords to help increase your rankings in search engines after you have the components of your proxy website in place. Add a description of your page and your Google Adsense account information as required by the proxy template. To create a proxy network, create more websites.


Monetize your proxy network.

Google Adsense is the most popular way to monetize your websites. You are paid when your users click on the ads on your website. Combining the Google search bar with Google Adsense increases your ability to make money online with a proxy network.

Joining an affiliate program will allow you to include product specific ads on your proxy network.


Promote your proxy network.


Submit your proxy websites to search engines. You will be more likely to make money with your proxy network if your websites are easily available through search engines.

If you are active in online forums, include your proxy network's web address to draw traffic to your website.

Link to other websites. Putting the URL of your proxy network in your email signature is also a simple and free promotional strategy.

Use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to advertise your proxy network.

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