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What To Do With A Domain Name After You Purchase

You Have Purchased Your Domain Name, Now What?

What do you do with a domain name after you buy it? This is a common question. The important thing to note is that before you buy a domain name, you must have an intention or purpose of what you want to do with the name that you will purchase.

There are three (3) options you can consider in what to do with a domain name after you purchase it.

  • You can develop your domain name (ie, build a website)
  • You can sell your domain name for profit
  • You can park your domain name and earn money from it

Option 1: Develop Your Domain Name

This means to create a website and content for your domain name. You can either build the site yourself of hire a professional website designer to develop your site. Most domain name registrars and web hosting companies also have all other associated services such as web site builder and web hosting that can be utilized. To make your website search-engine friendly to allow search engine spiders can crawl your sites frequently and easily, optimize your web pages for search engines (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines love content so it is important to update your website with fresh content regularly.

Option 2: Sell Your Domain Name

You can sell a domain name you own after you buy it. To sell your domain name after you buy it for profit, you can use the Domain Listing Services of companies such as,, GoDaddy (TDNAM),, and E-bay. It is good to try different domain names Auction sites and visiting forums such as and can help you determine where you want to sell. Observe the rules of each DLS provider.

Option 3: Park Your Domain Name

Parking your domain name is the third option you can take if you are considering what to do with a domain name after you purchase it. You can park your domain name for two reasons

  • Develop website at a later date, or
  • Earn money from parking.

When you park your domain name with a company that offers domain name parking services, the company monetizes your domain name by advertising relevant PPC ads on your domains based on relevant keywords and natural traffic. When visitors click on advertisements, you earn money.

Most domain name parking services are free. Here are the best free domain parking sites online.

If you own many domain names, check them out to see which ones are bringing in a lot of traffic. It is wise to keep/park the domain names that are making money from Pay-Per-Click advertisements. You do nothing and keep earning month after month. All you have to do is check if your domain registration at the domain name registrar is current.

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