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Troubleshooting Kindle Touch Problems


Common problems with the Kindle Touch include issues transferring purchased content, forgetting your password, a frozen touch screen, lines on the screen, problems playing songs and audiobooks, and more. Almost all of these problems can be resolved on your own through troubleshooting with minimal effort and without voiding the manufacturer's warranty, and most importantly without sending the device back to Amazon for repairs or having to deal with Amazon Customer Service.

The Kindle Touch features 4GB of storage space, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and a 7" display.
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Kindle Touch Won't Turn On

  • Hold the Kindle Touch "Power" button down for 20 seconds and then remove your finger from the button to perform a hard reset. During the hard reset, any programs that are running that could be causing the Kindle Touch to lock up will forcibly be shut down and the device will reboot.
  • Try plugging your Kindle Touch into a different power source to charge it. It's possible the charging source you were using wasn't working. Alternatively, try a different charging cable, if possible, to ensure that yours isn't defective.
  • If neither of the first two options work and you regularly used your Kindle Touch while the back casing was hot to the touch, some internal components inside of the device may be melted, and as a result the device may be permanently damaged. In this case, you'll need to contact Amazon Customer Support. As long as you don't open the device and void the manufacturer's warranty, Amazon should replace your device at no cost to you.

Can't Transfer Previously Purchased Content

You must first deregister your older Kindle and then delete content purchased from the Kindle Store from that device that you want to see on your Kindle Touch. You can deregister your Kindle by doing the following:

  1. Press "Home" and then select "Menu."
  2. Select "Turn on Wireless."
  3. Select "Menu" and then select "Settings."
  4. Tap "Registration" and then tap "Deregister" in the dialog box that appears on the screen.

Ensure that your Kindle Touch is registered to the Amazon account you used to purchase content from the Kindle Store so that you can transfer purchased content to your Kindle Touch. If you don't register the Kindle Touch to the same account, you won't be able to move the content to your Kindle Touch.

I Forgot My Kindle Touch Password

The only option is to restore your Kindle Touch to its default factory settings. When prompted to enter your Kindle Touch password, enter "111222777." Your Kindle Touch will restore its factory settings. You will have to set up your personal settings again and then transfer any purchased content back to your device.

Frozen Kindle Touch Screen

  1. Plug your Kindle Touch in to charge it. If the Kindle Touch is operating on a low battery, screen problems may result.
  2. Perform a hard reset as outlined in the Kindle Touch Won't Turn On section.
  3. If the device continues freezing up after the hard reset, see if a version upgrade is available for the device from here. Version updates can resolve some glitches your Kindle Touch software may be experiencing.

Lines on Screen

Perform a hard reset as outlined in the Kindle Touch Won't Turn On section. The problem could result from other electronic or high-power devices that send and receive a type of signal being too close to the Kindle Touch. Other devices can include cell phones, remote controls, lamps and other lighting equipment, power tools, radios and gaming systems.

Kindle Touch Won't Connect to Free 3G

  1. Plug the Kindle Touch in to charge the battery. A low battery can prevent the free 3G from working.
  2. Make sure that wireless is enabled. Select "Home," "Menu" and then "Turn on Wireless."
  3. Ensure that you are getting a wireless signal. Do this by checking the bars in the upper-left corner of the screen. If no bars are appearing or one bar is appearing, you either receiving a wireless signal or you're receiving a very weak signal.
  4. Restart your Kindle Touch. You may be experiencing a software glitch that can be resolved by restarting the device.

Book Won't Open

If a book you downloaded to your Kindle Touch won't open, the device may never have finished downloading. Delete the book from your Kindle Touch by pressing your finger against the name of the book you are having problems with until a dialog box appears. Select "Move to Archived Items." Navigate to Archived Items and download the book to your Kindle Touch again. After the title is finished downloading, restart your device and then try accessing the title again. If you are still experiencing problems, restart your Kindle Touch to its factory settings and then reload all of your content to the device.

Kindle Won't Play Music or Audiobook

The files you are trying to play may not be supported by the Kindle Touch. The device only plays MP3 music files and audiobooks in either the AA or AAX formats. You can check your music and audiobook file formats by doing the following:

  1. Connect your Kindle Touch to a computer using the USB cable that came with the device.
  2. Open My Computer and then click the name of your Kindle Touch.
  3. Click "Music Folder" to check your music file types. Any files without an MP3 extension won't be supported.
  4. Back out of the Music Folder.
  5. Click "Audible Folder" to display audiobooks on the device. Any files without a AA or AAX extension won't be supported by the Kindle Touch.
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