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Troubleshooting Bose Bluetooth Problems


The Bose Bluetooth headset lets users enjoy crystal clear phone conversations without having to hold their cell phone up to their ear. You can also stream audio from compatible devices to the headset. Common problems with the Bose Bluetooth headset include the headset cutting out, problems pairing the device with a phone, bad audio quality and more. Use troubleshooting to try fixing these problems on your own before contacting Bose support.


Short Talk Time

  • The headset may have a minimal charge. Try connecting the USB cable that charges the Bose Bluetooth headset in to the headset. Push the cable firmly into the connector on the headset and the USB port on the computer.
  • Make sure the USB port the charging cable is connected to on your computer is powered. The easiest way to resolve this is to disconnect all other USB devices connected to the computer, restart the computer and then try charging the headset through the same USB port again. If that doesn't work, try charging the Bose Bluetooth headset through a different USB port.
  • If you're trying to charge the headset in a room with either extremely hot or extremely cold conditions, and try charging the device in a room with a more average temperature.

Headset Doesn't Pair

  • Ensure that the Bluetooth functionality is enabled on the phone you're trying to pair the Bose Bluetooth headset with. Even if you're following the pairing instructions perfectly, you won't be able to pair the two devices if Bluetooth functionality isn't enabled on the phone. This can often be done within your phone's Settings menu.
  • Try moving the Bose Bluetooth headset and the phone you're trying to pair it with closer together and then try pairing the devices again. Do the following to pair the two devices:
  1. Power the headset down and wait for five seconds.
  2. Power the headset back on.
  3. Hold down the "Call" button on the headset for roughly five seconds. This makes it possible for the two devices to find each other.
  4. Continue holding the device's within a few feet of each other for at least one minute.
  5. After one minute passes, restart both devices and try using the Bose bluetooth headset with the phone you attempted to pair it with.

Poor Audio Quality

  • Adjust the volume on the Bose Bluetooth headset. Sometimes, if the volume is either too low or too high, the audio can become distorted.
  • The issue may have nothing to do with either your Bluetooth headset or your phone, but rather it may be the result of a poor reception. Try moving to a different area where you're pulling in a stronger reception to see if the audio quality improves.
  • Remove the tip from the end of the microphone's earpiece to expose a metal covering. Clean the metal covering off using a clean, dry cloth. Try using the headset again to see if the issue is resolved.

Streaming Audio Problems

  • Check the specs for the phone or device that you're trying to stream audio from to your Bose Bluetooth headset to ensure that it supports A2DP streaming. If it doesn't, this is likely the cause of your problems.
  • Check that the source your streaming the audio from is actually playing. If you synced up the two devices while audio was playing, the audio may have paused.
  • Position yourself closer to the source you're trying to stream audio from, ideally within a few feet, but definitely not more than 33 feet.
  • Try restarting your Bose Bluetooth headset and the device you're streaming from. Sometimes, issues with streaming audio over the Bluetooth headset can sometimes result from a glitch with either of the devices.
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