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Top 10 Internet Security Suites Software Products

Top 10 Internet Security Suites Software Products

Feature comparison chart available at Internet Security Suites Software Review

Webroot Internet Security Essentials
Webroot Internet Security Essentials

#1 Webroot Internet Security Essentials

Webroot Internet Security Essentials can keep your computer running smooth and your personal information private. It also has a free and convenient remote file backup system. We highly recommend you try this security suite, it runs using little system resources and can provide you full protection.

Best Price: 59.95 Webroot

Pros: This program provides protection for up to three computers, and includes local and remote file and image backup.

Cons: The firewall setup in this program is complicated and time consuming.

For more details on Webroot Internet Security Essentials software.

Kaspersky Internet Security
Kaspersky Internet Security

#2 Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the best internet security suites available. Its high virus detection rates and easy to use interface make it a great addition to any computer. It also provides a very small footprint on your computer, which makes it easy to install and requires little attention. The inclusion of parental controls make it a very good match for family PCs as well. All in all, Kaspersky Internet Security is a quality product that will make your internet life much safer.

Best Price: $59.95 Kaspersky

Pros: This program rovides full virus, spam, pop-up, Wi-Fi, registry and firewall protection.

Cons: You won't find a detailed browser-site history log file in this program.

For more details on Kaspersky Internet Security software.

BitDefender Internet Security
BitDefender Internet Security

#3 BitDefender Internet Security

BitDefender Internet Security is a streamlined, solid, and powerful (and don’t forget reasonably priced) internet security suite. The unique combination of features and impressive utility make it one of the most versatile and powerful security solutions. For most users, BitDefender Internet Security should provide more than enough security while maintaining complete usability. Overall, BitDefender Internet Security is a perfect solution that will keep your computer clean and secure without significantly sacrificing performance.

Best Price: $39.95 HermanStreet

Pros: This program has an excellent virus scanner, parental controls and IM (Instant Messaging) encryption capabilities.

Cons: The spam blocker in this program is somewhat weaker than its competitors

For more details on BitDefender Internet Security software.

Norton Internet Security
Norton Internet Security

#4 Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security is a solid program that will keep your system running smooth and clean. In tests, our computers ran smoothly and didn't slow down as much as during testing of some of the other Internet security suites.

Symantec offers great online support options to help with any issues you may have, and continually updates their software to keep it ahead of the curve and ahead of any virus threats that may come out. Live support options have been greatly improved, which was much needed.

However, despite the fact that we found Norton Internet Security to be a powerful security product, we are concerned about the problems we had when we attempted to uninstall the software, we hope that Symantec has or will address this issue.

Best Price: $69.99 Norton from Symantec

Pros: This program has a new parental controls area and improved identity theft features.

Cons: This program is very troublesome to uninstall and some of its options are hard to find and adjust.

For more details on Norton Internet Security software.

ESET Smart Security
ESET Smart Security

#5 ESET Smart Security

ESET Smart Security is an average security suite. It offers the major components of a security suite, but leaves out a lot of the extras that are included with the bigger players. Things like parental controls and computer settings protection are not included. The antispyware features are severely lacking as well, which we really consider to be a major element in Internet Security.

Best Price: $59.99 ESET

Pros: This program provides protection for removable devices and eliminates pop-ups from gaming and video applications.

Cons: The included help documentation lacks detail when it comes to anything but the most basic of setups.

For more details on ESET Smart Security software.

AVG Internet Security
AVG Internet Security

#6 AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security performed well in all of our testing. It caught all of our viruses we tested it with and stopped all spyware we attacked it with.

The major downfall to this security suite is the significant slowdown of our test system while it was installing. Boot times were about 20 seconds slower and opening just about any program took at least a few seconds longer than normal. The lack of extras was also a drawback. Keep all this is mind when searching for an internet security suite for your computer.

Best Price: $54.99 AVG

Pros: The application scans web pages before they are loaded and displayed and has good identity theft protection options.

Cons: This program is somewhat thin on any additional features.

For more details on AVG Internet Security software.

Trend Micro Internet Security
Trend Micro Internet Security

#7 Trend Micor Internet Security

Trend Micro Internet Security is an above average program that offers everything you will need to stay safe while surfing the web. The firewall is intuitive and easy to configure while the antivirus engine is thorough and effective. The interface is easy to use, but has some issues wish displaying certain screens. Some screens have about 1/4 to 1/2 of the screen cut off for some reason.

In the overall scheme of things, Trend Micro Internet Security is a good product that needs some minor work to make it to the top of the pack.

Best Price: $69.95 Trend Micro

Pros: This program has a broad feature base that includes backup, registry cleaning, cookie tracking, browsing history, etc.

Cons: The terminology used in this program differs from typical industry standard and leave new users feeling confused.

For more details on Trend Micro Internet Security software.

eScan Internet Security Suite
eScan Internet Security Suite

#8 eScan Internet Security Suite

eScan Internet Security Suite is an excellent program that's a bit of an enigma.  Once you peel off all of its layers though, you're going to find that it's pretty solid internet security suites software.  You won't be disappointed if you decide to give it a shot.

Best Price: $45.95 e Scan

Pros: This program provides scanning for USB drives, no perceivable system slowdown and expert support.

Cons: The documentation that went along with this program is somewhat weak.

For more details on eScan Internet Security Suite software.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security
ZoneAlarm Internet Security

#9 ZoneAlarm Internet Security

ZoneAlarm Internet Security is one of the most well-rounded and effective security suites on the market. Using the award winning ZoneAlarm firewall and including the Kaspersky virus scanning engine, great parental control features and antispyware features that are among the best in the industry, ZoneAlarm hits an all time high.

Best Price: $34.95 ZoneAlarm

Pros: This program provides virus, spyware, email, and IM protection and specific tools for identity theft protection.

Cons: The walk-through help feature in this program is basic, leading you to seek help in other areas of their site.

For more details on ZoneAlarm Internet Security software.

BullGuard Internet Security
BullGuard Internet Security

#10 bullGuard Internet Security

Bullguard Internet Security is an elite product in the Internet security market. It has offerings that outpace most of the other suites on the market as well as offers a backup utility that places it far ahead of suites that don't offer backup capabilities. Bullguard also offers advanced antivirus as well as advanced antispyware integrated into a single scanner to save time during scans. With these advanced features, Bullguard has released a product that is moving quickly to the head of the internet security pack.

Best Price: $59.95 BullGuard

Pros: This software update delivers a pretty complete application.

Cons: You can't get any telephone support with this software.

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