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RDSL / Remote DSL How to set it up


How to setup RDSL or "Remote DSL"

First of all you'll need a spare computer and a spare DSL line. These will need to be dedicated solely for your customer's use. This means you'll need a different computer and internet access for your personal use. Most cities have both DSL and cable modem service available, so get both.

You'll need to get your own DSL modem. The preferred models are the Motorola 2210 (approximately $80 USD) and the Actiontec GT701D (approximately $50 USD).

Some technical info:

When they install your DSL line, they create a name (email address) and password. This is stored in your DSL modem, and that's how it is granted access to the DSL line. This is knows as PPPoE. Later in this article I'll show you how to move the name and password to your computer, instead of on the modem. That way when you want to change the IP address, you simply run a script file that tells Windows to drop the connection, then dial it again. More on this later.

Here are the steps to setup the dedicated computer:

1. Install Teamviewer. It's free for personal use. After you install it send your client the Session ID and password.

2. Put the DSL modem in bridged mode. See the modem's user manual for instructions. Click on the links I have provided above to view the manuals.

3. Create a PPPoE network connection under Windows XP. Click here for instrucions. The first time you connect the PPPoE connection you have the option to create a desktop shortcut, and to save the password. Check both.

4. Create a batch file named "ChangeIP.cmd" on the desktop. This is what your client will use to rotate the IP addresses. Also copy this to the following folder: "C:\documents and settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\"

Here are the contents of the batch file:

rasdial networkname /DISCONNECT

netsh interface ip delete arpcache

PING -n 1 -w 6000 > NUL

rasdial networkname emailaddress password


networkname - the name of the PPPoE connection. More is explained below

emailaddress - The email account created when they installed your DSL line

password - the password associated with the above email address

For example: If your DSL provider is AT&T they will create an email like "" when you create the PPPoE connection as described below, you would name the network "ATT" or similar, and use as the username and the proper password to connect.

You can advertise your services for free on You can also do a Google search for "remote DSL" and find lots of people who are looking to rent your computer. Also you can shoot me an e-mail and I'll do my best to refer you some customers.

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