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Protect Your Computer From Virus Attack

Computer Virus Protection

Computer viruses are little unpleasant programs designed by expert computer programmers. Some of these virus programs are written to cause annoyance to the computer operator without really causing hazard to the computer. For example, someone may write a program that when run, it keeps opening and closing the computer's CD ROM without causing much damage to the system. Other viruses can be very destructive to the system. Viruses are very common in computer application and they constitute about 80% computer system crash.

Types of computer virus:

Various types of virus programs exist in computing, these programs include;

·         Those that attach themselves to executable files (.exe files) and spread to other programs when the program is run.

·         Trojan horse: This virus program disguises itself as a good program and causes damage when loaded.

·         Boot Sector Virus: This type of virus hides itself in the master boot record (MBR) and can cause boot problems to the system.

·         There is another type of virus program that can modify and replicate new forms over time. They are called Polymorphic virus and are difficult to detect since thy have the ability to change form.

·         Macro Virus: This type of virus attaches itself as an executable code in a document and run when the document is opened.

Virus programmers keep changing their codes, thus coming up with different types of viruses on regular basis. This has made it difficult for one to be completely protected against virus attack even with the numerous anti virus programs, though anti virus programs could be of immense help to protect one’s computer against virus attack. I will give some useful tips of which if followed properly will protect your computer system against virus attack.


1.       The first to take against computer virus is to install an anti virus utility program in your computer. Make sure the anti virus program you installed has easy to apply, regular updates. This will protect the system against the rapid and almost daily changes of computer virus. Also ensure regular updating of your anti virus.

2.       If your computer BIOS has settings that allow you to disable boot-sector writes, it is advisable that you enable it. This will protect programs from writing to your computer registry. Remember to disable it anytime your want to install windows program or any other program that has to write to your registry.

3.       Always scan all removable media like flash drives, floppy drives etc, before opening them in your computer.

4.       Run full hard disk scan at intervals, this will remove any virus programs that find their way in.

There good and affordable anti virus programs out you can get for your system. Some even have home edition you can download and install for free. Have a happy surfing free of virus. Feel free to post your comments or contact me for any problem or suggestion.

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