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.ME Domain Names: Top Reasons Why You Should Have a .ME Domain Name

The history of .ME goes back to 2006 when the nation of Montenegro declared its independence from what used to be Serbia and Montenegro on 3 June 2006. In September 2006, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) assigned the “ME” code to Montenegro. The Government of Montenegro then submitted an application to the IANA to have .ME designated as the country’s top-level-domain (TLD). This was approved and designated in September 2007.

The Government of Montenegro, on the understanding that “ME” has multiple meanings and mass appeal as a word, generalized the .ME name space so that anyone and everyone could enjoy a .ME for themselves. .ME was opened to the rest of the world on 17 July 2008. .ME domain name registration was made available worldwide at various domain name registrars.

.ME is now a country code top-level domain (ccTLD). So why should you consider registering a .ME domain name? There are two top reasons why you should have a .me domain name.

First and foremost, .ME is all about YOU! To establish your own internet address, its more personal to have your own name, you brand and what a better way to do it than having an address with a domain name extension that is more personalized, meaningful and memorable. Thus, .Me is great for personalized domain such as Kejanny.Me, Jane.Me, Mary.Me, Bob.Me, John.Me, which could be used for a personal blog or website.

As a personalized domain name, .ME is great for Social Networks where you want to promote individualism and personal brand.

The second equally important reason why you should consider having your company or business’ .ME domain is for online branding and marketing. You can make your brand unique with a .me domain.

.ME calls for action – For example; Email.Me, Hire.Me, LookAt.Me, Try.Me, Diagnose.Me, Insure.Me, ChatWith.Me, etc.

By 2011, over 600,000 .Me domain names have been registered by people in 182 countries, with over 150 million .Me pages indexed by Google. This makes .ME not only for Montenegro but truly international. The .ME trend is expected to increase as more and more people are establishing their own personal brand and internet address.

.ME has that personal flair and is excellent for online marketing and branding.

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