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How To Register Domain Step-By-Step

How To Register Domain

How to register domain is crucial knowledge of every person or business that want to register a domain name. It is easy but some people might need some help to register a domain. For the purpose of this tutorial, i am going to use as a domain registrar. They have been the number choice for people that have been online since they provide the best service and support.

How to register domain step-by-step

We will begin by visiting and at the main page of it, we will found something like on the screenshot. on the place that i type "typedomainhere" is the place where you are going to type your domain name and see if it's available or not. Then click "Go".

Step 2

Obviously as you can see on the screenshot that the domain name that i choose "" is registered and maybe you can try other extension as well if you really like it such as .net, .co, .uk, etc. Otherwise, just search for a new domain name.

Step 3

I have change the domain name as i would prefer .com extension, so i found that "typedomainname" is available for .com extension. As i stated previously, you can choose your domain extension to .co, .net, .biz, .info, etc. Then click the green button on the right hand side of the page of "Continue to Registration". A pop up of Godaddy bulk domain name offer will appear, you may choose to get more domain name for a lower price or just skip it.

Step 4

This is the process of completing registration information, you should register a new account on if you haven't and you may log in if you have one.

Step 5

The step two of the registration process is your domain settings where you can choose your domain name registration length (example: 1 year, 2 year and so on). You can choose to have the Certified Domain seal on your website to gain customer confidence that your domain is authentically registered by you. The website Certified Domain seal will cost $4.99 per year. Below these option, you must set up a nameservers if you are hosting the domains elsewhere. The last option is whether you want to manually or automatically renew your domain name and other services that you bought. includes FREE Auto-Renew Protection.

Step 6

You may need this service of keeping your information private at "Your Privacy and Domain Name Protection" on step 3 of registration. The "Standard Registration" is included automatically but you may upgrade to "Privacy with Business Registration" or "Protected Registration" which have a great value. These three options have different features, so you may want to check which suits your needs. After you have make your decision, click on "Next".

Step 7

Lastly is the process of activating your domain name, will once again offer you their services with value for a lower price. You can add email for your domain (Example: or, you can add website and hosting as well as SSL Certificate. Once again, click "Next" after you have finish adding or you want to skip the offers.

All the factors on how to register a domain and the process of domain registration have been elaborate here, you just need to go ahead and pick one base on your research and website or business needs. Happy naming!

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