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How to Register a Domain Name for Your Blog / Webpage

If you are going to start a new blog / website you should start with your own domain name. Even if you are starting out just as a hobby or for earning few bucks consider that your blog / website can grow bigger someday and when you want to move on you shouldn't change your url and lose everything.

Once you start a blog / webpage you start to build your content and increase your traffic you will get links from other pages and get your name noticed around the web. You must be sure that the name you advertise is a name you own. When you decide to move to your own URL you will lose all those links and visitors you've been working for.

Registering your own domain name doesn't require too much investment. You can just register a domain name with .com, .net, .org extension only with 10$. If you can spend 10$ for cinema tickets you should also spend it for registering your domain name.

Registering a domain name is owning an address for your blog / website. Sometimes people confuse registering a domain name with buying a hosting plan. Domain name is the address of your blog / webpage while hosting is for storing the content of your blog / webpage. Starting with registering a domain name will be enough if you want to stay amateur for a while. You can redirect this URL (web address) to any of the free content providers you have. (blogger and other services.)

Registering your own domain name is an easy process. However finding a domain name is the hard part. Considering the hundred millions of domain names already taken you won't be able to get the first name that pops into your mind. There are several domain name suggestion services which provides not taken domain names for a given keywords. When you finally find the perfect domain name for your new blog / website you just register it with a credit card and you are ready to go. When you register your domain name you can buy a hosting service for your needs and direct your domain name there or you can just continue using a free service for your content.

If you are lucky to register a good domain name you can sell it for millions some day.

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