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How To Create A Local Niche Directory Online And Make Money

So your looking for ways to make some money on the internet and supplement your regular income right? Most internet guru types will tell you to start a niche website and become an authority. This makes good sense but lets look at the niche within the niche to start earning extra from adsense and possibly even local stores and businesses.

What makes a niche site so much better then just one broad site covering several topics? A broad content website can still use targeted keywords in the title and tags. Even though this is true there are a few advantages to focusing on one particular theme or niche. Here are a few examples to consider when deciding how to build and launch a new website or blog.

Building A Niche Directory
Building A Niche Directory

Why Niche Websites Work

One of the main reasons building niche websites has become so popular is the ability to gain authority faster then in a broad based market. If the site is created properly, the chances of being found by search engines is very good. Of course there are very broad niches which are almost totally saturated but I am speaking of something a litle more targeted then that.

If you are going to provide information which will answer questions and solve problems based on one theme, connecting these articles with relevent anchor text will only improve your chances of being found online. Think of how you go about getting backlinks for your articles. You look for sites with similar content and either comment or ask for a link back. This is basic seo and it still works with todays algorithym changes. Just provide high quality content and make sure to only use top notch websites for your references.

Niche Directories Can Make You Money

There are several reasons why building niche directories can be fun and profitable. One of my favorite reasons to focus on this type of website is serious search engine love. This is especially true if you are working on a local niche directory.

Think about your local yellow pages and how they work. People are looking for something specific and the search is narrowed down to a localized area. You cant get much more detailed then that! I have seen directories that actually just focus on one neighborhood and that is really tight.

Is there one major area in your city which hosts all of the restaurants? Is your city big enough to just list one certain type of business and cover it in every detail? Hair dressers, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and more all fit into a highly targeted niche that could be taken advantage of with a little creativity on your part.

For my part, I have two current directories and they are both very local. One is just based on the cities name and all things that people tend to search for. The other is just a local gyms and fitness center list broken down by neighborhoods and geographic area. You would be surprised how your listings will show up in the local search results. Some will be found just based on the address you listed for the business itself. This is very powerful and easily monetized.

Most cities have local websites which have plenty of link juice and page rank to beat you in the rankings. Don't be discouraged by this! You will have competition in any venture you try online so just be careful in your planning and site structure. You will find that getting backlinks from local websites is easy if you have some really good content to offer. If you really focus on longtail keywords for your site you will pick up searches that the other sites are missing out on.

Monetizing A Local Niche Directory

There are several schools of thought on how to do this. I prefer Google adsense as the main method for making money from my content. One thing that has worked for me is to be very plain and not too flashy with my sites. I basically use three colors on the whole website to keep it uniform.

Adding Adsense For Niche Website Profits

Here is an example of how I do it. I create a nice logo and keep it one color for the title that stands out and looks presentable. I use that same color for my adsense titles on the right side of the page. I also title each one of my directory locations with the same color and text placing them on the left side for maximum seo. When writing the content for the site I use the same idea. Each title for business locations is the same color and blends well with the site. I use a 120 x 600 skyscraper on the side and a 728 x 15 horizontal row across the top.. You could certainly do it however you like but this method of monetizing a local directory site works best for me.

Affiliate Offers

If you would like to ad affiliate links this is also a good potential money maker. One idea may be offering coupons. If you go this route look for specials from an established coupon network or use Groupon and talk to the local businesses about getting a referral fee.

Get Paid For Ads On Your Directory

Once you have established a little authority in your local market place you could charge for advertising. Talk to local businesses you are considering a place for and let them know how much traffic you get to the site. Design a banner for them or some nice text advertisements and let them see what they would get for their money. Charge a flat fee if possible because this is a solid way to plan for monthly income.

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