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How to Clean a Touch Screen

Smudges all over the touchscreen or an evident fingerprint trail of the latest must-have game you're addicted to imprinted on the screen? Regular cleaning of the touchscreen of your cell phone, tablet, MP3 player or any other touch screen device is essential for its upkeep and longevity.
Wipe away those smudges with ease and know how to avoid doing anything your touchscreen won't appreciate much.


  • Choose a microfiber cloth. This is ideal for cleaning a touchscreen. Some devices will have such a cloth included or perhaps you can borrow one you use on your sunglasses.
  • The cost of such cloth varies. For cloth recommended by companies for their products, the price can be considerably higher simply because of the recommendation. Look around for a good deal on such cloth or substitute with a cheaper but still effective microfiber cloth.
  • Turn off the device before commencing to clean it. It is usually much easier to see where to clean when the device is switched off.
  • Give the screen a once over by brushing it with the microfiber in small circles. This will remove the majority of simple imperfections.
  • Only if truly needed, moisten a cotton cloth, even the corner of your cotton shirt, and repeat the small circular motions. It may actually be enough to just breath over the screen and use that moisture to clean with.Read the instructions accompanying the cloth you're using. Some of them need to be made slightly damp before use. If this is the case, skip this step and follow the cloth's instructions instead.
  • If dampening a cloth, it is best to use distilled water.
  • Brush again with the microfiber cloth to finish off. Don't over-rub though and if there is any dampness left, just leave it to air dry.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the screen when cleaning it.


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