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Best Free Domain Name Appraisal Sites Online

This hub is intended for the domainer who is just discovering this niche and starting out in this online business. Investing in domain names is like investing in properties – not physical but virtual properties.The domain name is your address on the internet. After buying your domain name (your property), you can either develop it (build a website), park it or sell it for profits.

It is important that you have some idea what your domain name’s worth is in order to make a good decision on how to monetize your domain name.

There are certain factors that determine the value of the domain name. Some of the criteria that domain name appraisal service providers will use to appraise your domain name are:

  • domain name extension (eg, .com, .net, .org, etc)
  • the number of words it contains
  • easy to remember
  • keywords
  • average search results
  • traffic rank – alexa page rank and search engine PR
  • marketability
  • age of domain

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How Much Is Your Domain Name Worth?

There are many professional service providers who appraise domain name online, together with domain name availability check, domain name buy/sell, register, web hosting and related services. As a beginner, you may want to use a free service to appraise your domain name.

There are free domain name appraisal services that will not cost you a dime. The important thing to note is that the appraisal of your domain name will vary. They will tell you its worth so and so and at least give you some idea of what your name is worth. You may end up selling it for a price much higher or lower than their appraisal value.

The real value of your domain name is what the buyer values that domain name and how much he is willing to pay for it. So doing your research and choosing a domain name properly in the first place is important.


Here are the best free online domain name appraisal service providers. They all appraise domain names instantly for free. You will note that the appraised value of your domain names will vary.


This instant domain name appraisal service will help you get fair domain appraisals based on your name’s metrics and the sales of similar domains. Appraisals and trademark checking. You can only submit five (5) domain names per day. To submit more than 5, sign-up free to become a member.


Estibot is a trusted and widely used free domain appraisal service, serving over 1.3 million appraisals per day. It’s search engine is trusted by registrars, parking companies, domain investors and the IRS to generate accurate fair market value based on historical sales and other criteria. Some features are: appraised drop lists, end user lead generator – sell to end users, advertiser bid tool, api access.


Free domain name appraisal service using market-based valuations. Measure more than the length and word count as they measure the popularity and demand of words, phrase and markets online.


Free domain name appraisal based on the following eleven factors – marketability, clarity, memorability, popularity, extension, length, words, hyphens, numerals, substitutions, abbreviations.


Free domain valuation and free certified domain appraisal.


Free appraisal where you get all the information you need in relation to your domain name on domain age, google page rank, compete traffic details, alexa traffic details, google links, yahoo links, URL marketability analysis (beta).

There are other free domain name appraisal sites online. But the best free ones are stated above. Some may cost you fees for domain name appraisal certification and other premium services. Test them out and see which ones suit your needs and you are most comfortable with.

Beware also of domain name appraisal scams.

I wish you all the best in your domain name business.

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