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What Do You Want To Achieve As A Web Designer?

With the popularity and use of the internet on the rise, many people are looking at getting websites created in order to promote their businesses and services – putting web designers in hot demand. This has led to an increase in the number of paths that a designer can take their career on, but the decision in which path is best for you is one that you and you alone can make.

Why did you decide to become a web designer?
Answering this question will require you to go all the way back to the time when you first got into the profession or knew that it was what you wanted to do – what were the feelings, qualities or desires that compelled you to become a designer? Is this the career you wanted or is it merely a stepping-stone to bigger and better things?

By keeping in mind what made you want to become a web designer in the first place, you can help to ensure that you are happy in the path you ultimately choose.

So, where do you want to go as a web designer?
Now that you have determined what made you get into the design industry, you can start looking at the various pathways that are available to you as your career continues into the future. Remember that web design is a continuously broadening field, so you can really take it wherever you want.

  • Creativity
    Those web designers that are attracted to the creative aspect of their job should consider aiming towards the creative director position in a internet-related firm. Or, you might want to branch out on your own and become an artist or a freelancer (although this is difficult for even the most dedicated designers to do).

  • Flexibility
    Those web designers that are attracted to the flexible hours of their job should consider starting their own business or firm (especially if they are already working freelance). This will allow you to decrease your already pretty flexible work schedule by passing off tasks onto others who are passionate about the creativity.

  • Coding and Design
    Those web designers that are attracted to the coding and design aspect of their job should consider branching out into web development, most notably into web applications. Even though Google and Facebook tend to be the leaders in this area, there is nothing stopping you from making your own mark.

  • Money
    Those web designers that are attracted to the monetary aspect of their job should look at all the areas that they can achieve this before deciding on a career path: joining an existing firm, starting your own business, becoming a creative director, or just plodding along the way you have been. There really is money everywhere when it comes to design.

Some questions to help you decide Even after you have determined what it was that made you want to become a web designer in the first place and you have determined what is most attractive about your job, you may still be having trouble deciding which path is the best for you. Answer the following questions to give you a better idea of where you would be most happy:

  • Do you want to do web design for yourself or for others?

  • Do you want to work with others, hire others to do your work or work by yourself?

  • Do you prefer the coding or the more visual aspects of design?

  • Do you want to write about or control design or do you actually want to do it?

  • Do new technologies get you excited or would you prefer to keep the whole thing simple?

  • What kinds of websites would you like to design?

Using the above questions and information, you will be in a much better place to decide on the direction you would like your web design career to take, and which paths would cause you to despise design’s existence. Don’t do the job that you think you should be doing – do the job that you love doing

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