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Ten Best Productivity Apps for iPad

Ten Best iPad Apps

I use Google Docs and Google Drive, my domain email is hosted by Google and my laptop and PC are Windows 7 but my phone and tablet are Apple iOS, iPad and iPhone. So how do you make these three different platforms work together harmoniously? The answer is in the apps.

Here are my top ten productivity iPad/iPhone apps:

  1. iMailG HD- Instant access to Gmail or domain name mail hosted by Google. Access your calendar, contacts, Docs and other Google services. No syncing ever! $1.99 at the App Store
  2. MileBug-Track mileage and auto expenses. Add notes too! Backup to iTunes and email reports in csv format to yourself or your CPA. MileBug will also calculate the amount per mile to be reimbursed. At tax time just send the csv report to your CPA! $1.99 at the APP Store.
  3. Expensify-Track expenses by date, merchant and category. Use the iPhone/iPad camera to copy receipts to the expense file! Reports are generated that can be used at tax time! Free at the App Store.
  4. Evernote- Take notes or write notes to yourself. Share your notes with others via email or on Twitter, or Facebook. Save and edit word documents to Evernote too. Email documents to your Evernote account using the Evernote email address assigned to you when you sign up for Evernote. Comes in free and paid versions
  5. Google Chrome- At last! Google Chrome has just been made available to iPad and iPhone. It works exactly like the browser on your laptop or PC! Access your bookmarks from any device. Easily access all Google services and your Google account. I like it better than the native Safari browser on my iPad and iPhone. Free at the App Store. Be sure to search for it as "Google Chrome" to avoid being directed to third party apps.
  6. QuikOffice Pro- There are several good document editors for iPad/iPhone including CloudOn but I prefer QuickOffice most of the time because you can so easily download and edit files from Google Drive, Sugar Sync, Evernote, DropBox, Box, Catch, Huddle, Egnyte and MobileMe. Edit MS Office files including PowerPoints. QuickOffice Pro is $14.99 at the App Store.
  7. Sugar Sync- Although I have Google Drive I still use Sugar Sync because Drive can only be used to view documents on your iPad or iPhone. Documents stored in Sugar Sync can be viewed in Sugar Sync but for editing Sugar Sync offers you several options depending on the apps you have installed. Sugar Sync places a folder called Magic Briefcase in the hard drive of your laptop and PC. Folders can be created in the Magic Briefcase from your PC and accessed on any device you have Sugar Sync installed on including mobile apps. Sugar Sync and QuickOffice Pro make accessing, viewing and editing documents between your mobile devices and your PC smooth and easy. You get 5 Gig of storage with the free app. More storage can be purchased.
  8. Splashtop Streamer- Have access to your laptop from your iPad or iPhone anytime. Work in applications and software on your desktop. Your mobile device becomes a virtual PC. Free at the App Store
  9. Talkatone- I love this app! With Talkatone you can use your wifi iPad to send text messages or even as a phone! It requires you to have a free Google Voice account. If you want to use it as a phone, by the way calls made from Talkatone do not use your minutes from your cellular plan, you will need a USB headset with a mic and a USB conversion plug for your iPad. The plug can be bought at Best Buy among other places. I use it to text often! Free at the App Store
  10. Maps- The app that comes loaded on your iPad. I would be lost, literally sometimes, without it! No matter where I'm going or where I am it charts me a route and then I can drive and watch the blue bubble move to see if I am staying on course. Of course it also offers you directions in text too.
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