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Sell Crafts and Art Online

Whether you've been laid off from your job, or are just looking to bring in some extra cash each month, it is now easier than ever to sell crafts online. A number of new websites have cropped up recently that literally allow local artists and entrepreneurs to expand their marketing reach across the nation, or even world-wide. Work from home just got a lot easier.

If you have something worth selling, its time to think big! A decade ago, soap-makers, jewelers or seamstresses would either have to set up booths at local events, or spend hours trying to find buyers to take a chance on their products to sell at brick-and-mortar stores.

Today, like many other goods and services, the Internet has changed the way business is operated. Buyers who want to find unique, one-of-a-kind gifts or items, and sellers that wish to reach more, otherwise elusive buyers can now meet up with the simple click of a mouse.

Once you know how to use online marketplaces like the ones reviewed here, you may soon be able to bring in extra cash. If you have a talent in art and crafts, its an easy way to make extra money.  And, while you probably won't get rich, at least you'll have a lot more fun and reach many more buyers!

Inspired by eBay, madeitmyself.comis an online marketplace where - you guessed it - people who created artistic goods or handmade items can post them for sale. If a willing buyer agrees to your price, the transaction is concluded via PayPal or other online payment options. The seller then ships the item directly to the buyer.

I am telling you.... there are some really fabulous looking items at this site. As of the date of this publication, I found adorable baby hats, a handmade wooden toy truck, a gorgeous turquoise necklace and so much more.  The website is easy to navigate, with the different types of goods/services for sale in 28 categories listed on the left-hand side of the page.  From accessories to woodworking, take your pick, browse and have fun!

It is free to register at Get to know community members, earn a reputation and follow their straightforward rules of conduct. You do have to be 18 years old to have an account. However, if your children wish to sell their own wares, you could help them do so through your own profile.

As with eBay, you'll pay relatively small listing fee and sales fees to sell your wares. Choose between setting a price, or allowing buyers to negotiate with you. A feedback system, applicable to both buyers and sellers, helps maintain the integrity and safety of online marketplace dealings at madeitmyself.

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