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How to use Skype for free

What is Skype and how to use it

Skype is a free software which allows people to communicate with voice, video, and instant messaging over the web. Skype also belongs to the class of VOIP (voice over internet protocol) programs, but unfortunately, its implementation is not based on the SIP standard, which is now used for Internet calls. However, there are also simple solutions that can connect Skype and VOIP (SIP) technology.

Skype's technology is hidden somewhere in the back, safely from the competition and potential partners. They are aware that if the information is disclosed, their business model drops.

Skype also provides many advanced functions between Skype users for free , such as support for conference calls, video calls, remote desktop and file transfer. In its fifth version, Skype now offers connection with the Facebook tab that shows posts from Facebook. The biggest innovation is to send text messages and ability to dial friends who have published their number on Facebook's profile.

How to make calls to mobile and stationary phone (this option is not free)

To use this service, we must fill our account. First, select Skype / Buy credit and set the desired amount of money. We also need to enter name, address, city, area code and state.

Next, select the type of payment (PayPal Visa, MasterCard, etc ...). This opens a new window where you can see the whole billing. Enter the information for your bank account and click "Buy Now."

Due to recent forecasts by the giants of Silicone Valley, Skype could have an uncertain future. The new version of Skype for the iPhone has made a step forward, but to be the first it might just not be enough. Skype has more than 500 million users, and it is the biggest service in the world of instant messaging.

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