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How to Stop Unwanted Phone Calls

Stop Unwanted Phone Calls and Get Your Life Back

You can stop unwanted phone calls and prevent your home phone from driving you crazy. Years ago, a telephone was a necessary invention for communication, Nowadays, phones with complicated menus, caller IDs that confuse the situation, and multiple calls from the same number all day long can drive you crazy. We missed an important call from an attorney, as the caller ID showed city and number only. Another important call from regular doctor failed to show up with anything identifiable. Other calls show unavailable or cell phone with no number. We almost decided to answer all calls and not let them go to the answering machine. We changed our minds after having second thoughts and deciding we might need a personal secretary. We received ten calls a day from two different companies even after giving them a negative reply.

Noise and telephones

Psychology Today has reported on a study of noise to enlighten people that excessive noise can cause anxiety, hearing problems, high blood pressure and heart problems. A discussion in a forum on the Internet discloses the anxiety some people suffer over constant interruptions, including the ringing of the telephone. What about in the home when several occupants constantly hear the ringing of multiple phones, especially unnecessary calls? It certainly may cause anxiety that they may not realize.

Fight the system

You can find a way to deal with the situation through a few steps that will free up your time and allow you to do necessary chores or enjoy relaxation. Who would know that Alexander Graham Bell would invent a gadget that would make life so hectic? Following are the remedies we used to make life relaxing and prevent us from getting upset over the terrible trivial telephone matters.

Purchase reliable answering machine unit - avoid frustration

Purchase a reliable answering machine with one or two phones as attachments. This is not an easy chore. We replaced our outdated answering machine with one by same company that came with two phones. The menu on these phones was like rocket science. The instructions were so complicated, and some instructions did not work. We constantly lost the phones, and no button existed to ring your phone wherever it was. Do not assume that if you had the same brand phone, that a replacement will give same satisfaction. To find a good unit, ask friends/relatives, use computer for best reviews, or use reviews. Be sure to return unit if you are not satisfied. We lost money, as we did not return promptly. A link at end of article contains a review of answering machine systems.

Place name on do not call registry

You then need to put yourself on the "do not call" list for telemarketers if you so desire. Go to the website " where you will find the instructions and procedure to put your name on this list.

Call block through your telephone service.

If you can afford the service, pay for the package with the block phone ability. Call the telephone company about the service and request specific instructions. You can plug in numbers ahead of time, or plug them in at time of call. Some calls, similar to telemarketing calls, have several numbers in the computer system that makes the calls, so be sure to block all the numbers. If you don't have the resources, you might consider giving up your landline phone as a last resort. Some consumers today only have cell phones.


You can stop your unwanted phone calls, so do not drive yourself crazy. Links below will also lead you to information on calls from credit companies and harassing phone calls. Hopefully, you have caller ID to screen calls and will find a good answering machine to take calls. In the meantime, the suggestions above may assist you in stopping the telemarketing and continuous phone calls from the same callers day after day. You might even have a chance to call old friends or sit by the pool with your new free time. Your telephone should be your friend and not your enemy. Technology seems to take up time these days. Don't let it take over your life.

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