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How to Add your RSS Feed to Your Facebook Page

UPDATE 12-3-11 RSS Feature Removed

I am sorry to announce that Facebook has removed the RSS Feed feature. I recommend you contact Facebook to complain and request that it be restored.

Here is the Facebook Help page that confirms the removal of this feature.

I am leaving the rest of this article in tact and will periodically check with Facebook to see if the feature is restored.

In the meantime you will need to manually post links to your blog posts or Hubpages articles on your Facebook wall or notes section. Alternately, Hubpages does have a Share feature that makes it easy to share your articles on your Facebook account however it is still a manual process. Many blogging platforms also have easy to add Facebook share features.

Adding an RSS feed to your Facebook Page

As a Hubber, I found that I wanted to share my hubs with my friends on Facebook. But how to do it easily? I'm a very busy person and did not want the tedious task of remembering to post a separate link to each HUB I write. Well, I searched high and low through the forums and help text on Facebook and HubPages. Two hours later and I found one tiny little link someone had posted in a forum that answered all my questions.

If you would like each HUB you write to automatically appear with a short description and link on your Wall in Facebook, click on "My Profile" at the top of HubPages. Under your photo you will see a little orange button that says "Subscribe to RSS Feed." Right click on it and select "Copy Shortcut" from the menu. Then go to:

Place your cursor in the block on that Facebook page. Hold the Ctrl button and press the letter "V". This will paste the shortcut you just copied into the block. Click import.

That's it, your done. Now every time your create and publish a new HUB, your Facebook Wall will automatically be updated.

By the way, this process will work with your blog too. Just copy the URL of your blog feed instead of the URL for your HubPages feeds and insert it on the Facebook page above.

The only drawback is that Facebook will only allow you to import one feed, so if you write a blog and on HubPages, you will need to choose.

Finally, this is not permanent. If at some point in the future you no longer want to import that RSS feed to Facebook, go to your Notes page in Facebook. Toward the right you will see a box titled "Notes Settings". Click "Edit Import Settings" On the next page, you will see a button that says "Stop Importing". Click it and Facebook will stop importing that RSS feed. You can then leave it empty or insert a new feed to import.

Subdomain Migration and your Facebook Feed

August 2011, Hubpages and decided to move all hubs to a user based subdomain. If you currently have your RSS Feed imported by Facebook you should do your migration manually rather than waiting for the automated migration planned by Hubpages. If you take no action, when your subdomain is migrated Facebook will re-import your entire feed. This import will flood your Facebook wall with a separate post for each Hub you have. In addition, it will duplicate posts on your Notes page with links to the old and new URLS.

At minimum, I recommend you manually transfer your Hubs to the subdomain late at night. This will have your posts flood Facebook overnight and hopefully make a minimal impact on your wall and the news feeds of your friends. After the migration, you should probably consider cleaning up your notes page and removing the links to old URLS.

For a more involved solution, you can remove your RSS feed from Facebook by clicking on the link above. Then transfer your to your subdomain in Hubpages. Then come back here and re-add your feed to Facebook. I think this will avoid Facebook from re-importing the entire feed. It should just pick up the feed from that point forward. (If anyone tries this, please comment below with your results.) This solution will leave your old notes with links to the old URLS. Since all URLS will be automatically redirected, this is ok.

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