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Google Keyword Tool Secrets

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

There's a lot of people using theGoogle Adwords Keyword Tooltrying to capitalize on Google's monopoly on search engine traffic data. Adwords has been a huge help for people getting their products and services noticed. Even the largest corporations use some type of Google Adwords campaign to get their products in front of consumers. I've seen everything from the latest Hollywood movies to the hottest cars like BMW and GM luxury vehicles advertised with Google Adwords.

But even as great of keyword tool that it is, it's my opinion most people either misuse this great keyword research tool or under utilize it. Since I've used this keyword tool and many others for many years, I thought I'd share some of the more advance feature of Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Below you'll find some tips and tricks that I've used for a very long time.

Google Keyword Tool Controversy?

Before using the Google Keyword Tool, they'll suggest that you be logged in to use the tool. Many people never do and some didn't know that Google recommended that you do this. I have to admit, there are many times when I just go there and look at a few keywords to see if I'm on track.

The controversy comes with some keywords searches when you're logged on versus when you're not logged on. There have been some keywords that I've ran side by side with the only difference being that I was logged on one time and not logged into my Google account the other time.

The difference hasn't been great, but I have certainly noticed this phenom more than once. I'm not sure if it's just a bug in Google's system, or if they don't care whether or not you receive accurate data if you're too lazy to sign into your Google account.

Google's Keyword Tool Inconsistent Results

Google makes no claim that I'm aware of that the Keyword Tool is 100% accurate. In fact, I've never seen it advertised as being accurate at all. We just have to assume Google is shooting straight with us and giving use keyword data that is fairly accurate. Many people claimed that Yahoo's Keyword Tool was far more accurate than Google's, and from my experimenting years ago, I'd have to agree.

At best, I get inconsistent results when using Google's Keyword Tool. If I choose a keyword with a high CPC and high volume and go on to rank in the top 5 for that keyword, I may or may not get the published CPC's that Google's Keyword Tools says. In most cases I will not. This is one of the biggest things that confuses and discourages newbies.

The believe if the tool shows 100,000 search results and a CPC of 5.00, then they don't understand why they get less than 200 visitors and an average CPC of 10 cents!

At best, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a guestimate on our part. Many of us know Google isn't going to tell us the exact number of searches for a keyword for each month.

Know The Type of Match in the Adwords Keyword Tool

I've found that most people who use the keyword tool do not understand how to use the Broad Match, Exact Match and Phrase Match feature. All they're concerned about is the volume of searches that a keyword phrase may produce.

Broad Match - This means that the number shown is the number of searches made the previous month that had your keyword phrase mentioned in it. For example, if you searched for "blue toys", the Broad Match feature would return results that had the phrase "blue toys" mentioned. Such as; 'blue baby toys', 'blue rubber toys for dogs', 'who buys blue ugly toys', etc. You should get the picture now.

Exact Match - This means that only the search phrase "blue toy" will be returned but not "blue toys".

Phrase Match - This means that the adwords keyword tool will return phrase such as "blue toys for Christmas", "Blue toys for girls", etc.

Phrase match is more flexible than Exact match and both are more restrictive than Broad match. Personally, I get the best results by using the Exact match. I then will expand my search out to Phrase Match to find more ideas.

Negative Keywords Can Be Cool ... Or Not

Let's say you want to find a keyword that describes a product. But however you only want the Google Keyword Tool to find all keywords for new products, not used ones. By using the negative feature and filtering out the word "used", the keyword terms the tool comes back with will not have the negative term "used" in it. This can also be helpful if you want to filter out action keywords like "buy" or "sell". Give it a try, it's a pretty nifty feature.

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