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Google Drive

Yes Google has came out with another new product, and that product is 'Google Drive'. You may be wondering what is google drive? well it's a brand new service from google that will allow you to save files to the cloud and access them from your phone, tablet and any basically anywhere where you are logged into your google account. This new service obviously emulates other similar applications in the sense of what it does, but the difference is that google drive does it with a much slicker user interface and it simply works. It works seamlessly across all of your devices whether it be smart phone, tablet or computer, it just works.

There is a free 5GB storage for you when you sign up for the service and download the application, if five gigabytes just isn't enough you can upgrade to the twenty-five gigabyte option for £17.95 per year; it also includes the use of picasa for your photo needs. I think that the average user will be more than happy with the five gig allowance when you can access your files across all of your devices. This service will be very useful for school, uni or work having access to that paper that you finally finished last night on your computer, then being able to check it over on your iPad in the library at school.

Now google has released apps for iOS, android, mac, windows and chromium devices. This means unless your a linux user you can use this service with success, to upload your files you'll have to either upload them via the desktop app. The process of uploading your files to the 'cloud' as it were is to click on the google drive icon scroll down to 'Open Google Drive Folder', this will open a portal to the cloud and every file that you place in it will be uploaded to the 'cloud'. When connected to the internet the google will check the folder and sync any new files that it see's are in there.

After playing with this service for a few days I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed using the service and seeing how it will fit into my life, it is very useful now that i'm using it to finish work at home and access it at school; also for reference documents having access to reference documents on my phone has changed the way I operate, I will instead of wasting time trying to get a 3g signal to google something I will just go to my offline documents and access them.

Google Drive is a service that has been done before by other companies such as Dropbox but not on a scale like google has, also they haven't made it as sleek and easy to use as is googles style. This is the next step in googles eco-system to have everything you need at your fingertips on the site, we have googles Docs; your email, Youtube and google plus the social network. Cloud computing look very promising and google looks like the unusual frontier; I mean you would think a computer company, but no the future of cloud computing is coming from a search engine, this maybe very good for us all. Google drive seems to be very handy when it comes to business and school, those are two very constant markets and that means this service won't be going away anytime soon. Google Drive is a very good service and I recommend it to anyone, every if you are already with dropbox just try it out... it's worth it.

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