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Display your Profile Picture in Google Search

If you have a blogger or website you can add your photo on google search result with help of google + new fetcher,that help you find you and more contact with you.

The Maine advantage that you will get more viewers and real earning in all level.people can get you and they follow you and,it help you to get more popular you in your web site.


How to you Display your Profile Picture in Google Search

Let’s get started:


Step 1: Create an “About Me” page on your blog, if you haven't done that already,and link the about page to your Google Profile page.It is more important

This is important. While creating the hyperlink to your Google Profile page, do remember to add rel="me" to the link as shown below.

<a href="" rel="me">My Profile</a>

Step 2: Next you need to ensure that all the blog stories that you have written include a link to your “About Me” page.  This hyperlink should have the rel="author" attribute as shown below.

<a href="" rel="author">My short bio</a>

Step 3: This is the last step. Sign in to your Google Profiles account and under links, add a new custom link that points to your “About Me” page. Tick the option that says “This page is specifically about me” and save the changes.

After finishing you work few time will take to change the server and result will show. If you want to know about your work is correct you can check with help of rich snippets



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