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5 Ways To Build A Large Keyword List For Search Engine Optimization

Researching keywords and building keywords lists for your website is the corner stone of a successful search engine optimization strategy. Keywords are search terms users type into search engines in order to get to your website. Below are 5 ways to build a large keyword list.

List all the keyword phrases that you assume people would enter into a search engine to find information about your website and take note of them. These are your starting point when conducting your keyword research. When listing these keywords, identify your target audience, and think of how people will describe your goods and services. Write down all these keywords and keyword phrases. These keywords are popularly known as seed keywords.

By using keyword research tools such as Keyword Discovery and the Google Ad-words Keyword Tool, you will be able to find related keyword phrases and the competition associated with each keyword. Some keyword tools can run on your desktop, while others are web based keyword tools. Keyword research tools offer many advanced features and generate a lot of keyword suggestions. Many people prefer using the Google Keyword Tool as it is quick, accurate and free.

Web analytic software such as Google Analytics when combined with your web server logs can provide you with a lot of valuable information. Using these tools, you are able to obtain additional keyword phrases which people are using in search engines to reach your website. With these tools you are able to also get keywords that are bringing the most traffic to a website which you can also add to your keyword list. However, web analytics and server logs can be used by someone who already has a website as they will reveal statistics based on a particular site.

Another useful way to build a keyword list is by evaluating the website of your competitor, checking their website code and identifying the keyword phrases they have used to optimize their website for. To do this, just enter your target keyword into a search engine and evaluate the top ten listings that appear.

Finally, you can make use of Google Suggest, a recent functionality on the Google search engines, which enables you to enter a keyword and it displays a list of related keyword phrases. These keyword phrase ideas that Google Suggest displays are highly targeted and help users find keyword variations they may not have considered. As more people get used to this feature, their search behavior can now be assumed. This is particularly important when you want to build a large keyword list, since it enables you to find more relevant keyword keyword phrases that searchers might enter into search engines. This tool also makes it possible to obtain negative keywords.

When implementing these 5 methods of building a large keyword list, you will be able to produce a list of keyword phrases that are highly relevant and targeted.

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